Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Film 4: Collaborate 4 Conservation

The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Project (STCP) as a Case Study for Success

This film will focus predominantly on the work of the Sumatran Tiger Conservation Project, based in Taman Nasional Bukit Tigapuluh. STCP has, over the years, adopted a successful model of conservation in the national park which has not only seen the amount of tiger poaching decrease, but has also helped maintain and improve the traditional way of life for those forest people living within the park’s boundaries. STCP have achieved their success by pursuing a conservation model that focuses on community development, local collaboration, and industry communication.

The film will be comprised of footage shot with the staff manager at STCP, members of the STCP Tiger Protection Unit (recruited from within the local communities), and ex-poachers who are now collaborating with the team in an advisory role. It will potentially also include excerpts from the interviews shot for films 1 &2. We envisage that this film will be approximately 15 – 20 minutes in length. It will be made available for screening at RSPO (as a document of some of the successes occurring in the region and as a model for positive collaboration between local people, NGOs, and industry), and again will be available online at

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