Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Films 4 Forests: Project Objectives

The aim of this project is produce at least 5 short films which are a medium for, and part of the process in, establishing dialogue and understanding between forest people, NGOs, industry and government. Both local people and industry will benefit from constructive dialogue and developing a better understanding of each sector’s motivations and dilemmas. The final films, made available to RSPO as case studies, will also provide examples of best practice and successful partnership.

Our production and ground support teams will be crewed by Indonesians. This approach will help facilitate Indonesian involvement in the project and provide media training and capacity building. The crew of each film will include two interns from an NGO background (one from an environmental NGO plus one from a social NGO), who will be trained throughout the course of the production. This will also help ensure Indonesian authorship of the films. The training the interns receive will enable them to become part of the pilot scheme for the SENAN network (Social and Environmental News Advocates Network – a multi-NGO partnership concept, currently in development). Through their employment in the production of the films, local people develop skills which can be imparted to the rest of the community, encouraging community development. Our core staff will act as facilitators – overseeing production and distribution of the films. We have successfully worked in partnership with Indonesian education and ground support teams in previous projects. Their input was essential in guiding an anthropologically informed and culturally sensitive perspective.

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