Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Film 3: Evidence 4 Conservation

This film will be comprised of largely unedited versions of the interviews carried out for films 1 & 2. Amongst nomadic forest people where oral tradition and history are very strong, film is the perfect medium with which to document opinion and record testimony – it draws upon a means of communication that is both comfortable and familiar. In areas where very little is written down or documented, a filmed documentary record can be an invaluable asset when it comes to engaging in legal processes. For this reason we believe that it will be useful to produce a longer uncut version of the interviews shot with the forest people and those from the plantations and make this available for use by NGOs, forest communities, and the RSPO. Each interview will include the interviewee’s name, position / occupation, location and the date. We plan to make this set of full interviews available on a DVD and as a separate page on (obviously dependent on receiving the consent of the interviewees).

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