Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Importance of Film

The final films will be a valuable addition to the Films4Conservation online film library (which will be available to all those with internet connection), as well as to existing education projects and outreach initiatives through the production of DVDs/VCDs.

In terms of using films as a means of establishing and developing knowledge and dialogue, UNEP/UNESCO GAFI have carried out research which shows that film is one of the most effective toosl in affecting both policy and opinion change for Indonesian audiences. Film is an especially powerful tool to achieve this in forest areas where literacy levels are low – even a short film can enable communication of complex issues and ideas effectively and often with more poignancy than the written word. Whereas a busy politician or plantation manager might not take the time to read a long written report, a film can convey the same information in a more accessible and less time consuming format. Amongst nomadic forest people where oral tradition and history are very strong, film is the perfect medium with which to document their opinions and gather testimony – it draws upon a means of communication with which they are comfortable and familiar. In areas where very little is written down or documented, a filmed documentary record can be an invaluable asset when it comes to engaging in legal processes.

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